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Tephroweb super page of Southamerican sorts in culture by Cyrill Hunkeler german/english
Opuntia del Sur new page of the workgroup “Opuntias of South America” german & english
Tephro Study Group english page
Joachim Saul presents Pteocacti from Argentina/Patagonia, german/spanish
Prickly pears and chollas presented byMike Miles, english
Nopalitos commercial use of cacti fruits, english/spanish
South Amerika Cacti Page Austrian page by Franz Kühhas, super pictures from the habitats
Frostharte Kakteen the probably best german page about hardy cacti by Rudolf Appel
Eberhard Lutz USA, well.known concerning the hardy cacti, german
Hartmut Feige presents hardy cacti, ground orchids and stonegarden plants on wonderful pictures
Benny Møller Jensen Hjørring Denmark Best of Hardy Cacti + Succulents

other cactis

Echinocereus Homepage best site about Echinocereus (with Shop!)! german/english
Echinocereus -Online super site from Martina and Andreas Ohr german/english
Coryphantha Homepage super site about Coryphantha! german/english
Mammillarias franz./engl. best site for this plant-group, more as 1000 super pictures!
AG Echinocereus Work-Group for Echinocereus
Thomas Stöfer give you wonderfull pictures about his Hybrids!
die Gattung Gymnocalycium german/english site
nice Hybrids  from Mr. Karl Rabsilber
Turbinicarpus good site , practical from Mr. Stefan Nitzschke
Nobbis´s Ferocacteen beautifull site for lover this plants, german


Fieldnumberlist you search field-number lists? Service from Ralph Martin, engl.
I.O.S. international  Organisation for Succulent-research


Cactus Mall german + english super link tips !

Cacti- societys

Austrian Cacti-friends GÖK
German Cacti-society DKG
Swiss Cacti-society SKG


Cacti and other succulents
Succulenta Online
The Chileans


South-American-Cacti Posting List
Hybridenforum New!! my big fovourit, very good, no- perfect!
Kaktus Forum New!!!super site with extra Tephro-Forum from Thomas Schmid
South-American-Cacti Posting List
Cacti +Succulents Forum english
Cacti Gallery Forum english
Friedhelm Günther`s Forum german site
Le Cactus Francophone  Forum french
it.hobby.piante.cactus italian

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