It is already some years ago, as an acquaintance (Heinz Krantzen from Kamp Lintfort) gave me the unusual tip concerning the “Valerian bloom excerpt”.

  Here is his former statement, cited literally:

  “Concerning the “Valerian bloom excerpt” I want to mention that I had read somewhere about the killing of fungi (each fungus as I could read).
However, I don’t know anymore, where it was written, possibly in the book “Freilandsukkulenten” by Fritz Koehlein, which I had lent some months ago in the public library. I do not want to commit myself however here.
You can buy “Valerian excerpt” in the pharmacy, but it is not “Valerian bloom excerpt”.
In addition it contains more than 50% alcohol and is not suitable for gardening purposes.
“Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) bloom excerpt” is a pure natural product. You can produce it by Yourselves, if You have the plants or can find them in the nature (in the outer meadows).
I sowed it myself years ago. You only need to sow it once, because Valerian sprouts like weeds, is perennial or even durable and sows itself automatically as much that You have to intervene, to keep it under control.
“Valerian bloom excerpt” is syrupy, dark-brown, and, filled in bottles, locked well and kept cool (at about 12°C), even the selfmade is durable for many years.
This fact is indication of the quality of this plant juice. The only additive is a little fresh, clean rain water.
... the “Valerian bloom excerpt” is versatile usable.
In the spring it is yielded on the soil in fine doses (similarly as in Homooepathie: ` smallest dosage / largest effect) - to activate the organisms in the soil.
In the natural compost production it is similar: Different herb drugs are brought with valerian as an activator into the prepared compost heap.
To incitate the bloom-production it is yielded on the plants of different arable crops, however not on kinds of salad, root vegetable, carrots etc. because these plants otherwise have the tendency to grow to fast.
It is also used as freeze protection, e.g. with the strawberry bloom, with berrybushes etc..... “

  The production:

In the little newspaper “Wincke” of the Abbey Fulda experiences by plant lovers are presented, who confirm the addressed effect.
I manufacture my excerpt as follows:
In June/July, during the main blooming-time of the valerian, I collect the fully opened flower-umbels. The appearance of the valerian is characterized by the pink bud, which changes its color gradually into pure white.
Also the leaves are noticeable because of  their reciprocal, somewhat falcate form. Their edges are serrated and strongly green colored.
The persistent bush reaches, depending on the location, a height of about 1 m to 1,8m and grows in meadows and on the border of forests and roads.
I remove the roughest stalks
from the collected blooms (that’s the way, I do it, even if it takes a little more time), put the blooms in plastic bags and freeze them for further use. Because of the freezing the cell membranes burst and so the blooms can better juiced out.
After the thawing the blooms are given into a mixer and mixed well by adding some clean rainwater or distilled water if necessary.
The mash is pressed through a clean towel.
This juice (the actual excerpt) is filled into jam glasses and up to consumption kept coolly and darkly. After some time sediments set off on the ground of the glasses, which are not depreciating at
all. ust shake the glasses before use.

  The use..

As I practice it in my collection:
The first treatment takes place with the first watering in the year at the beginning of March.
I add 30 - 50 drops to 10 litres of water and giesse all plants with it.
The second treatment takes place in the subsequent months, as well as more frequent spraying of the mixture over the plants.
An acquaintance,  orchid collector , Beppo Maierl from Rosenheim,  tested this kind of use and meanwhile he swears on this “magic means”, just like I do.
Against the clue, usual valerian tincture from the pharmacy is unsuitable because of the high alcohol concentration, he uses the means available at Walmart’s or Schlecker’s and being offered for the human needs, with same success. Besides this it is rather cheap in these shops (appr.
3,50 Euro per 100 ml).


Because of the fact, that I meanwhile own a rather large collection, the excerpt is worth being self-produced, as well as valerian grows in masses in my environment (Chiemgau).
In the summer 2002 I harvested three 10 liter plastic bags and so I could produce at least two liters of best excerpt, which comes up to a market value of appr. 500. - Euro, if I compare it with the at that time still available “Original Valerian Bloom Excerpt of Oscorna” with costed appr. 24. – DM per 50 ml.
Everybody, who knows my collection, and who saw the bloom splendour, which I may enjoy
each year, will often shake his head disbelievingly, and will assume, that I fertilize my plants with a secret superfertilizer.
Nearly nobody believes, that primarily the valerian causes this bloom splendour.
I would like to pass my experiences here, because it is simply a gift of nature and does not harm anybody.
I wish such bloom splendour to everybody, and I hope, that this procedure will receive more attention.
For further questions or problems I am available at any time.

  “Original Valerian Bloom Excerpt” is officially available again !!

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The really good !!
Even with comparably good quality it is appr. 3.- Euro cheaper than the former available excerpt.  


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